how to get rid of fire antsKnow how to get rid of fire ants quickly without a huge investment? If not, Murfreesboro Lawn Service Lawn Care can help.

what does lime do for a lawnWhat does lime do for a lawn? When applied at the right time, lime can have a big impact on the look, feel and health of your grass.

lawn fungus treatment

Regardless of how lush and beautiful your lawn happens to be, it is almost inevitable that you will have some type of problem that requires lawn fungus treatment.

get rid of mosquitoesSpring is well underway and summer is almost upon us. This means it is time to begin preparations to get rid of mosquitoes.

grubs in your lawnGetting rid of grubs in your lawn is easier than you might think. Unfortunately, it does take some advanced planning, so if you’re just noticing a problem now, prepare to invest some time into solving this problem.

effective mosquito controlEffective mosquito control can mean the difference between a fun-filled summer and one spent suffering indoors. Unfortunately, it’s challenging even with the help of professionals.

spring home pest controlAre you considering the benefits of spring home pest control for your home? When spring rolls around, it brings flowers, rain showers and of course, pests.

grass fungicideGrass fungicide is an important element in keeping a healthy lawn, but you shouldn’t wait until you see signs of a problem.

Lime and Fertilizer ApplicationNow that spring is here and frost is no longer a threat, many homeowners are thinking of lime and fertilizer applications for their lawns.

when to apply limeKnowing when to apply lime has a big impact on the health of your lawn and the effectiveness of the application. If you apply it too soon in the season, you’ll burn your grass.